The year of the rat - the radix ratz ! 


The radix ratz live deep in the sewers of London, they sneaked out of the radix labs following main net launch in 2021 and they will soon be ready for new homes. This is you chance to be part of the radix team in one of the first NFT projects launching on this ground breaking technology. 

Defi chef.png


It is going to be a massive year for Radix, with smart contract capabilities to be released  in early 2023. Rats will be launch in December on vikingland marketplace.

The randomly generated NFT will includes aspects of each team member, so you could get an NFT with Piers hair, Dan's glasses and Matthews beard!  There will be a number of other rare NFT, which will will soon release more information. Only 10 000 will be minted.


We will be using 70 - 100 different features in the NFT creation, more than other project, so it is going to be nuts - like cheese and nuts.



We are building this on radix which is the most technologically advanced decentralized ledger built to scale with out limits. In order to reserve a radix rat,  please send 50 xrd to the following wallet and include how many you want in the message.


 Cheese will not be provided as part of the minting. Well we send the ratz token as soon as possible, but please be patient as this is done manually. 

We have some awesome ideas but we will also being take feedback from the community on what they want to see in this project. Radix is an amazing community and we cannot wait to deliver these awesome ratz!

NFT Specs


There is going to be a lot of variety in these NFT artworks, as stated before these will range from different aspects of the team, but loads more. Expect variation in tails, eyes, glasses, clothing, all facial feature, hats, items in hands, gloves, backgrounds,  and some very special rare ones.


They will also be different types of fur and patterns and potentially so special ones related to countries and other projects being built on radix like Cerby and ociswap. 




Preparing art work and taking feedback from community (no cats allowed).



Production of artwork with feedback  from community  - we really want you guys involved. 



Partnerships with Cerby and other amazing Radix projects 


Fine tuning of minting process and  finalization of art ready for minting 


Minting of NFT's and super fun times with radix smart contracts released on the world  


The team consists of long standing radix holders who are  very excited about 2022 and

beyond, we are deep believers in decentralized technology and in the future of defi built on radix. 


The back end is handled by splinter, who has 11 years programming experience and the front end and fun art stuff is handled by Ratty, who has over 10 years experience as an artist. 

ratty 2.png



  • How many NFT's will be minted ? 

        Only 10 000 will be minted, mixed with super rare additions 

  • When will I get my NFT ? 

        Right after Babylon launch in 2022

  • I sent XRD but I do not get my Ratz tokens

Please bear with us, at the moment we are doing this manually and you will get the tokens

  • Will I get cheese with my rat for food ?

Ummm... no NFT's do not eat food so they should be ok lol, but they are super fun, rare and on radix.


Find us on twitter and telegram

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